“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

–Marilyn Monroe

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About the Book

Feet are interesting photographic subjects that often get overlooked. In Best Foot Forward, photographer Eric La Price has gone feet first into portraying women’s feet from the most alluring to the basic. He shows us that feet can be expressive of the person they belong to — perhaps even more so than a portrait. Read more…

About the Author

Eric’s earliest memory of his vow never to be without a camera was on a fishing trip with his dad on Presque Isle Bay where he caught a Muskie, a highly prized game fish. At the time, it was the biggest fish he’d ever caught. He wanted to bring it home and have his picture taken with it, but he had to release it because as big as it was it wasn’t a legal size to keep. Being ten years old, he was devastated and really wished he had brought along his Kodak Instamatic to capture the moment. Read more…


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