2014 LA Times Festival of Books

In 2014, I promoted my book at the booth for To Press and Beyond.  I spent a couple days grabbing people’s attention by sporting a pair of heels myself!

2016 Frankfurt Book Fair

Best Foot Forward headed across the pond to appear at the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany with the Independent Book Publishers Association.

2016 LA Times Festival of Books

In 2016, I returned to the LA Times Festival of Books and this time was promoting my book at the booth for Irwin Zucker Promotions.  Of course I donned the heels again!  The heels certainly helped start a lot of fun conversations. I also got quite a few compliments on them. I even got quite a few from guys who said they wish they could just pop on heels and wear them around as casually as women do.  This led to some fun conversations about how high heels were originally designed by men for men.